About me

Reva Nathan

Who was to know that getting accepted to the University of Chicago for a PhD in Psychology would one day lead to becoming an event planner? Well, it wasn't a direct path, but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!

I grew up in Pittsburgh, Pa. in a wonderfully nurturing environment. After graduating Phi Beta Kappa from Penn State, the plan was to get married, move to Chicago and start a PhD program at U of Chicago. Well, there was no funding at the time, so I postponed starting the program and worked at the Evanston Public Library in the Art, Music and Film Dept. for 4 years. I thoroughly enjoyed it! While working there, I had my first child, David.

I always loved the printed word and design so when David was just 6 months old, I started my invitation business in 1980. While helping clients with their invitations, they started asking me to oversee their parties. By the time my daughter, Rachel, was born 4 years later, Paperworks by Reva had become Reva Nathan and Associates and I was planning events with a full time staff and growing!

I have had the opportunity to work with so many unbelievable clients and had so many wonderful experiences. I helped Hollywood Director, Robert Zemekis, with his Academy Award party when he won for Forest Gump and then again for his 50th birthday celebration weekend here in Chicago (was a celebrity guest list!). I've planned weddings in such beautiful places as California, Florida, Mexico and the Bahamas. I've had the pleasure of doing weddings for brides and grooms whose Bar and Bat Mitzvahs I did! And they still fondly remember their celebrations after all these years!

But I mostly enjoy just getting to know the individuals and families over the months (and sometimes years) of planning the most important occasions in their lives. We have a good time...after all, isn’t that what it’s all about? The event itself goes by so quickly that it's nice to have a wonderful experience planning it. I am by nature, a calm individual and always have been. I’m also very detailed and have always been someone who strives for perfection. I have built fond relationships with event vendors over the many, many years of working together and feel they have gone the extra mile for my clients when asked. And even after all these years of planning events, I feel that every day there is something new to learn or grow from. And, hard to believe, I still get nervous before each event! I’ve been told that shows that I really care.

Whenever I have a Sunday off, I like to spend time with family. Family is very important to me. I also enjoy reading, traveling, trying new restaurants and movies. I love following the latest in music and fashion and how it relates to event planning too....