Parents of the Bride

You are the most incredible person, not only for your impeccable taste, attention to detail and creative ideas, but for your warmth and sincerity in working with me so closely this year. You created the most magnificent wedding for us, beyond what I even imagined.


We have not come down from our high and we are still reeling with excitement from Melissa and Ben’s wedding. It was a complete dream! Absolutely Magical, thanks to you and your incredible team.


From our first meeting with you to walking into Lesley and Jeremy’s bridal suite after the wedding to see it decorated with flowers and rose petals that you and your staff had arranged, confirmed over and over in our minds and hearts that working with you was the absolutely perfect decision. You and your staff have been professional, attentive and reactive to all of our requests and desires. We could not have been happier.

Pearl and Joel

Hard to believe that it’s been a year since we called you and asked you to help in the planning of Michelle ad Brett’s wedding. We certainly made the right decision! From the very beginning we felt confident that every detail would be taken care of in an organized, creative and professional manner. What we didn’t know then is how much fun it would be to work with you and how much all of us would enjoy the entire process.

Laurie and Grant

Words cannot possibly express our appreciation for everything you did to make Lauren and Josh’s wedding everything we and they hoped it would be. Every choice you suggested for the location to the band to the florist was perfect. They got exactly the wedding they dreamed of. There seemed to be nothing that couldn’t be done, changed, tweaked or fixed!


From the beginning you honored Elissa’s artistic dreams and our family budget. You became a very trusted member of our family team. Your consistent availability, calmness, decisiveness and generosity made every aspect of our event a pure joy.

Luanne and Reid

Because of all your hard work, efforts, patience and upbeat conversations with us, this truly was a memorable experience for the entire Klein family. As a matter of fact, many friends sent us notes telling us not only how beautiful the wedding was, but how disappointed they were that we did not have another daughter so there could be one more Klein wedding. How happy that would have made me to work with Reva and all of you again.


Bruce and I are so excited about Abigail and Mark’s wedding! All the wonderful compliments we heard about you are true and more. I love the calm that you create around you.

Tina and Bruce

Thank you all for making the wedding of Jori and Danny so spectacular! You are a wonderful team of dedicated professionals. It is because of all of you that no stone is left unturned. You right every wrong. You have probably guessed that I am a micro-manager. It is not easy for me to release my tight hold. Somehow, you used the "jaws of life" and allowed me to relax and take a breath. Thank you again for making dreams a reality.


How do we put into words how wonderful Kimmy and Seth’s wedding was unbelievably fantastic! We can’t begin to thank you enough for everything - your hard work, your terrific input, your constant calm (needed many times), and especially your personal caring touch, which made the whole process much better.

Sandy and Laurie

Whoever has a wedding without even one complaint? We did. Our guests were so effusive in their praise. Howard and I truly appreciate your incredible efficiency, competence, creativity, patience and warmth.


In my professional and private life I have had the opportunity to work with some of the finest event planners in the industry. I consider you the best I have ever worked with.

Ronald and Tina

From the professionals you recommended, to the professionalism of you and your entire organization, we couldn’t be more pleased. We felt at all times that the bond we had with you going back to the girls’ Bat Mitzvah you felt too.

Iris and Steve

I will be talking about you to everyone!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Most of all, the true friendship that you have shown the entire Holland family for many years is as valued as the gorgeous arrangements you create.


You are undoubtedly the best in the business and you represent the epitome of professionalism as you quietly represent yourself as caretaker and friend. You have become a model of poise and exceptional talent, taste and superior professionalism in a business where mediocrity has become an acceptable norm.


I cannot thank you enough for your professionalism, creativity, guidance, honesty and friendship. As much as I cannot believe I will do this again in 2 years, I look forward to working with you again. You are simply the best.


We rave about your abilities as a consultant and as a great person to whoever will listen. We have become your biggest fans. Thank you for making our dream become a reality.

Susan and Jeffrey

Bride & Groom

You clearly have a great reputation in the business, and we were so thrilled to hear vendors speak so highly of you and how much they enjoy working with you. I am grateful, too, for all your experience and connection with some of the best vendors in the area. All the little extras you gave us to make the whole experience easier (contacting guests who had not RSVPd, assembling hospitality bags, transporting some of our belongings to the bridal suite, laying out a beautiful spread of wedding mementos and flower petals in our suite, etc.!) were so amazing and made our wedding day that much more special and a lot less stressful. Thank you for being everything we ever hoped for in a wedding consultant and more.

Sarah and Charlie

Everything was absolutely magnificent on our day and we owe it all to you. You have really felt like a member of our family throughout this process and have exceeded all of our expectations.

Mike and Lucy

You choreographed every element with such precision and care & the event itself seemed flawless to us and all of our guests. The peace of mind you gave us, though, was your true gift. I’m a very anxious person normally, but the one thing I never felt through the wedding was nervous. There’s a picture I saw with my families faces so happy and your silhouette is in the background and I felt like that really summed up the day and we were able to kick back and enjoy, because we know you were there. Your guidance was spot-on, your attention to detail was impeccable, and through it all you were so calm and kind. You made our wedding day a dream come true.

Nicole and Chris

We could not have done it without your talent, skills, warmth and attention to detail gave us the most beautiful evening. With a year of your guiding and all your work on the wedding day, you alone managed to give us memories that will live in our hearts forever. I will miss your beautiful face, calming voice and steady hand ... you are the best, we were very lucky to have found you.

Susie and Dan

Thank you so much for making our wedding such a fabulous occasion. You were so wonderful to work with, and you really listened to everything we wanted. The whole wedding weekend was above and beyond our already very high expectations. I felt like a princess with every care attended to. I was so relaxed all weekend because I knew you had everything under control. Thank you so much.

Ashley and John

You are a god-send! I’m sure you hear this every weekend, but I truly don’t know what we would have done without you. Thank you so much for everything and reading my long winded emails, answering my mom’s phone calls, dealing with our craziness & none of it went unnoticed! I appreciate your patience, advice and care you put into every moment of our wedding and the planning process. You are the best!


Thank you all for all of your amazing work to make our wedding perfect! It was incredible and thanks to all of your hard work & not a detail was missed! And what I thought was most important, Jimmy and I ENJOYED our wedding & we were not worried at any minute. You took care of everything, ensured the night ran completely smoothly, and gave us the wedding of our dreams. Thank you, Thank you for everything!

Jimmy and Stacy

It's hard to imagine back to December and wonder if we could plan a better wedding by April. Since the first email response from you, I just knew everything was going to be perfect. You are a complete genius, and the classiest woman I have ever met.


We repeatedly said to one another that you were our "pillar of strength" throughout the process. Your commitment to excellence resulted in a wedding that was truly everything we desired.

Doug and Faye

You truly made the entire process special for not only me, but also my parents. You possess an amazing ability to make people (my family) feel so secure and wonderful during a process that could potentially be filled with anxiety.

Felicia and Marc

It was such a relief to be able to sit back and enjoy the evening and to not worry about a thing.

Missy and Chad

Our wedding day was everything we had dreamed (for 11 years) it would be. I felt like the princess in a fairy tale, Harry and I enjoyed every minute of it, and our guests raved about everything! You made our wedding enjoyable, relaxed and fun!

Katie and Harry

There are no words to appropriately and adequately tell you how much we appreciate everything you did to help make our fantasy wedding come to life. Thank you for helping add such class, elegance, beauty and fun to the night. You were extremely organized, patient and very calming and we truly do not know how to thank you enough! No detail went untouched!

Kimmy and Seth

The evening of the wedding at the church was flawless. The church looked magnificent, the music was superb and the wedding party flowed just as planned. The reception was an elegant dinner in a gorgeous setting, with stunning flowers, linens and extra touches like chocolate grapes, which only you could have added.

Pam and Jim

It is extremely difficult to put into words how thankful we are for the amazing job you all did organizing our wedding. So we’ll try. Our wedding was about a trillion times more fabulous, magical and beautiful than we had ever imagined. Yes, a lot of that had to do with the warmth of our guests, but a lot of that also had to do with the organization and special touches done by each of you. Your professionalism, patience, attention to detail, warmth and support were priceless.

Ronna and Ted

We cannot stop talking about how perfect our wedding was, and our friends won't stop raving about what a fun and touching party it was. The greatest gift you gave us was peace of mind.

Jen and Ryan

Several people have asked us what went wrong on our wedding day and our answer still remains: nothing that we know of! It really was a flawless night.

Marna and Dan

Groom & Groom

We wanted to express our utmost thanks and appreciation for the incredible service that we received from Reva Nathan & Associates during the planning of our wedding. We can honestly say that we were blown away by the service and professionalism showed towards us. Being a same sex couple we had obvious concern of being treated differently. Everyone from Reva Nathan & Associates, as well as the vendors they introduced to us, treated our wedding as they do any other wedding. This made our experience outstanding and we could not imagine anything better. From the first meeting Reva was more concerned about getting to know us than selling her company. This was a significant factor in our decision and was a big part of why we chose her. We would not hesitate to recommend Reva Nathan & Associates to any other couple. They are true shining stars in the industry and know how to make the magic happen. How do you thank someone for helping to make a dream come true? We don’t have that answer, but Reva Nathan & Associates will always have a special place in our hearts.

Jeff and Jeff

Bar & Bat Mitzvah

Thank you so much for making Ariel’s Bat Mitzvah weekend so amazing. Your vision, support, and meticulous leadership make you the best general we know. You make it so easy for us. Most importantly, we were able to enjoy every minute.

Andrea and Jacob

Thank you for another flawless and fabulous bar mitzvah weekend! I loved everything about it. Your attention to detail and flow is exceptional.

Robin and David

Jon and I wanted to let you know what we loved about Joey’s bar mitzvah & EVERYTHING!! I loved working with you. You made everything fun and effortless.


You really did live up to your reputation for being the best. You always had your eye on the priorities and schedule. You also made wonderful recommendations with respect to music, video and the reception.


What a gift ... to be about to celebrate this wonderful day fully & without a case or concern. Thank you for giving Joshua a day he never will forget.


I have heard far too many stories about the trials and tribulations associated with planning a Bar/Bar Mitzvah. My experience was happily far different from that. It was a joy from day one.

Debby and Steve

Although it has been almost four months, we still get compliments and are amazed at how special and perfect everything was for Ian’s Bar Mitzvah. We are looking forward to working with you all again soon for Adam’s Bar Mitzvah.


After an event like Daniel’s Bar Mitzvah, it is important to look back and know that nothing was missed. You did it all.


You made the Bar Mitzvah process (which was very overwhelming to me with working full-time) into an easy and enjoyable experience. Everything, every detail was perfect.


Just wanted to say thanks for making a wonderful Bar Mitzvah for Michael. IT exceeded our expectations at every turn.

Ross and Lori

I was so happy with the Bat Mitzvah party, and most important, so was Erica. It has been a wonderful experience to have you assist in these past four happy occasions for me and my family.


Other Events

Everything was perfect, beautiful and wonderfully fun. Thank you for everything.

Robert Zemeckis, Film Director and Producer (Forrest Gump, Back to the Future, Roger Rabbit, Castaway)

It is impossible to express my full appreciation and enthusiasm for the fabulous 50th birthday celebration. Most important was the emotion and friendship that was shared by everyone.


Each of the people that we have dealt with at Reva Nathan has been so pleasant and seems to have tremendous integrity. We will always remember how well you took care of all our needs.

Jane and Laura

Jay’s 50th birthday party was so great & I received a lot of calls the day after from friends and family saying what a truly wonderful party it was. Thank you for helping make the special times in our lives even more memorable.


Words seem inadequate as I wish to express our feelings when we think back to the glorious dinner in honor of our 50th Wedding Anniversary. The night was a fleeting moment in time. We will always look back with the fondness of memories to the evening we celebrated our Golden Anniversary.

Don and Lois

We felt like we were floating throughout the whole party. We never had a care in the world because of you. No matter which team member we worked with at any given time, we always felt like your #1 priority. We will never forget what you have done for us.

Laura, Dave, Matt and Lindsey